Why not have a Halloween party for adults and children this year. Find Halloween Party ideas, invitations, games, activities, creepy food suggestions and many
Halloween kids decorations and projects to turn your house into a haunted house and to entertain your guest on that spooky night.


Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Themes
Parties based on themes are much easier to plan. The theme itself will give you many ideas on how to decorate and what to serve. In addition, you should also make a list of every item, game, recipe, song, video, activity, and decoration you can think of that would fit in your theme.

Halloween Party Ideas

Turn your house into a haunted house with these fabulous party decorations that work with all ages.

Old Fashioned Halloween Party

Decorations in the early 1900s were simple but fun. Jack-o-lanterns peeking from every corner, dried corn with branches of colored fall leaves would be suspended from chandeliers. Pumpkin shells can be scraped clean and used for soups, dips or casseroles. Dye cheese cloth yellow and attach autumn leaves, string popcorn spray painted orange, or a modern touch of black plastic spiders can be added. Faces were also painted on gourds and turnips to decorate the entire house.

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Monster Bash Party

At a monster mash party, you could send out a bat or coffin or Frankenstein's shaped invitations. In your invitation ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite monster.You could get or make some posters from like the Bride of Frankenstein or Creeping Terror. The decoration could be cobwebs, coffins, bats and skeletons and bugs. Let's see what we have in store for them.

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Creepy Spider Halloween Party

Spiders are one of the staples of Halloween decor. Decorate your house with lots of cobwebs and spiders. Send out spider invitations and don't forget the oreo spider cookies. Make a Spider Tree table decoration, and make some some white candles and glue on small plastic spiders. that's sure to be a creepy crawly success.

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Haunted House Halloween Party

What's a haunted house without ghosts, ghosts, ghosts and more ghosts? Great activities to make for or with your kids are footprint ghosts, glue ghost necklaces, Ghost Suckers, make ghost garlands.


Halloween Movie Night

Nothing brings people together like a good scary movie so why not making a Halloween Movie Night with friends on Halloween eve? Just make sure you have an age appropriate movie if you have children watching the movie. Maybe the children could watch their own goosebumps movies.

Adults Scary Movie Selection


Mummy Hands

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