Why not have a Halloween party for adults and children this year. Find great ideas for Halloween Party games, activities, creepy food suggestions and many
Halloween kids crafts ideas and projects to turn your house into a haunted house and to entertain your guest on that spooky night.


Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Games

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Halloween Party Games

Halloween is usually thought of as a fun time for kids, but that doesn't mean adults can't enjoy this time of the year too. If you are planning a party to celebrate Halloween, use some of these Halloween games to entertain the kids to make sure they are having a ghoulish good time.

Halloween Party Games


Ring the Witch Hat

Use a store bought or use our witch hat craft and five sturdy paper plate rings. Paint and decorate the rings. Take turns trying to toss the rings over the point of the witch hat. After each round of play, stand farther away from the hat.

Bug Hunt (a night game)

Use some glow in the dark plastic bug and hide all the bugs in a room or around the house before the guests arrive. Give each guest a flashlight to hunt for the bugs in the dark.

Apple Bobbing with a Twist

Fill a large tub with water. Place several apples with stems into the tub so that they are floating on top. Using a bandana, tie your guest's hands behind their back and then let them get into the water to try to catch an apple with their teeth. For even more fun put a monster mask in the bucket for added fun while bobbing for apples.
Use a sealed bottle to make the mask float in the water.

Ghost Waiter

Use white balloon and draw a ghost face with a black marker. Divide children into teams and set up a course to race on. Each child has to balance a balloon ghost on a paper plate while walking it down the course and back to their team.

Feed the Spider

This is a revised version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Paint a big spider with cobweb on a big piece of paper. Cut small squares of different colored felt or fabric and place a spoonful of rice in the middle. Tie together with a string and have children decorate their bug with a black marker. Children try to toss the bugs to the spider to feed the creepy creature. The bug closest to the spider wins a prize.

Ghost, Ghost, Witch

This game is played like "Duck, Duck, Goose."
Form a circle and choose one child to walk around the outside of the circle while chanting "Ghost, ghost, ghost". When the child taps a child and says "witch" the child tapped chases the other child around the circle attempting to tab and catch the ghost before he sits down on the now empty spot.

Who is the ghost
This game is best for young children in a class room setting. Divide the group into two groups. Take one group outside the door and place the sheet over one of the kids. Guide the ghost back into the room where the other group must guess who is the ghost.


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