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Halloween decorations and projects to turn your house into a haunted house and to entertain your guest on that spooky night.


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Halloween Party Decoration

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Halloween Decorations

Have fun with Halloween Decorations
Creepy cobwebs and smiling bats to carved jack-o-lanterns, broomsticks, and friendly ghosts and skeletons – Many items can be purchased from local party stores but we also got some great Halloween decoration ides which you can make with your kids to decorate their own haunted houses.

Halloween Decorations to Buy

Halloween Party Decorations

Turn your house into a haunted house or graveyard scenes, complete with flying ghosts, monsters and witches. Have fun creating these fabulous party decorations for all ages.

Gauze Ghost

Mix white glue with water. Dip gauze sheets into glue/water mixture and hang over soda bottle (turned upside down) and let dry. Shape gauze into a ghostly figure. When dry, remove bottle and add black eyes and mouth cut from felt or craft paper. Hang from a string or display for a spooky decoration.

Paper bag Jack-o-Lantern Lights

Only use these outside. Placed along the edge of your path leading up to the front door, they create a nice welcome for your guests.
Buy some brown or orange paper lunch-size bags. Cut a Jack-o-Lantern face out of the front of the bag. Pour a few inches of sand or soil in the bottom and open them so the sand holds the bag flat on the ground. Push a tea light candle into the sand.

Witches Hat

Print and cut witch hat pattern.

Other variation: Use black craft paper or card board and draw a circle for the brim of the hat. (See print out for brim construction). Cut circle using scissor. Cut a second circle for the crown and cut a slit from the edge to the center. Crease folds and clue on the brim of the hat. Use spider web and plastic spiders to decorate and hang on the walls.

Spooky Tree

Build a spooky tree decoration using branches sprayed with black paint. "Plant" the tree using plaster of Paris; prepared in a bucket and fill potting pot and add your Halloween spooky tree branches. Use web, plastic spiders and little glue ghosts to decorate your tree. Use elastic thread to hang your Halloween items.

Halloween patterns

Ghoulish Lamps

Buy some of these round or square cheap white Chinese paper lanterns. Cut bats, pumpkins and moons out of black craft paper and tape to the inside of lampshade and replace light pulp with a orange light pulp.

Floating Ghosts

Cover helium filled balloons with pieces of white cloth or old sheets. Draw eyes and mouth with black marker or cut out of black craft paper.  Attach a string and use little pumpkins for weights. For an eerie ghostly interior decoration, have a fan blowing lightly on the ghosts.

Sparkling Pumpkins

Pumpkins become instant glamorous Halloween decoration with glittery stems and some halloween ribbon.
Choose a pumpkin with a long stem. Wash and dry the pumpkin. Use paintbrush to apply glue to the stem and sprinkle with glue with glitter while still wet. Let dry. Place nice halloween ribbon around the stem. Curl if desired.

Graveyard Table Decoration

Take an old white sheet and dye gray. Rip or tear the bottom edge into tatters and cover table loosely. Use a package of spider webbing until it covers the whole table and hangs over the edges of the table. Hang some plastic spiders ont the web. Get some rubber rats and place them on some old hard bread. Make tombstone place cards and make a tombstone out of an empty cereal box.

Halloween Ghost  Place Card

Halloween Party Place cards

Make "handy" place cards for each child. Have kids outline one hand on a craft paper and outline the hand print with black marker. Draw some ghostly faces on them and cut and glue on Halloween place card stand.

Cob webs

Put lots of fake cobwebs around the house - the more you stretch them out the more realistic they will look. Hang the fake cobweb on doorways, railings and corners . Put cobwebs on furniture that is not being used. You can decorate the cobwebs with fake plastic spiders.

Halloween Candy Dishes

Use inexpensive items or materials you already have around your house. Use items such as oatmeal containers, construction paper and remnant fabric and Halloween ribbon to create themed candy dishes and center pieces.

Black Halloween Window cut-outs

Print and cut ghost, cats and spiders Halloween patterns out of black cardboard or craft foam. Cut eyes out and glue kitchen foil or for a even eerier look use suction cups as eyes and paint a little yellow dot in the middle.

Ghost windsocks

Use a white foam cup and brush a generous amount of glue around cup. Cover with a big white paper napkin and decorate with black eyes and mouth cut out of black craft paper and hang ghosts from the ceiling in clusters.

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