Create your own cool easy no sew Halloween costumes for your children. We collected some great step-by-step Halloween costume instructions that can be
done in little time for those last minute Halloween parties.


Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes for your Kids
Many of us are scrambling for last minute costume ideas and there is little time to put one together. The following costumes ideas are easy enough to make to have a Halloween costume in time for that last minute Halloween party.

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Halloween Costume Ideas

Create your own cool Halloween costumes! We collected some great step-by-step Halloween costume instructions to show you how to make these fabulous costumes in no time.

Create your own unique costumes. Remember to accessories your Halloween costumes to be make them more effective. Make the following easy to make costumes using items from around the house, borrowed from friends and/or relatives, or purchased for next to nothing at your local thrift store.

Cut up some old jeans and a flannel shirt in scarecrow fashion. Cut sleeve ends and pants leg ends in strips to look tattered. Use straw or raffia and glue or tape along inside edges of sleeves, pants legs, along bottom of shirt to appear as if bursting out of the scarecrow. Add a straw hat and glue straw or raffia around it for hair.


Gift in a Box
Decorate a box to look like a gift. Cut arm holes, leg holes and a head hole. Stick a bow on top of the head of your child and you're done. This idea is really cute on littler kids.


White turtle neck and white pants and add black dots. Painted or sewn or glued on. Paint kids face white and draw whiskers, a nose and some spots.


Punk rocker
black pants, a leather jacked, colored hair spray, sunglasses, and hair gel. Use hair gel and hair spray to tease hair into crazy spikes. Color hair with read or any colored hair spray.


Use black pants or sweat pants and a black turtleneck. The other items you need to make this costume work are the cape and the fangs. Fangs are available at the costume store. The cape should be long, wide and luxurious. Use ny sheet or old skirt. Use black dye to turn it in any desired color. Add a shiny red lining to your cape for the ultimate look. Use hair gel to slick the hair back. Paint face to look like dracula


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